Visitor visa is granted to applicants who wish to visit New Zealand for a lawful purpose. Because New Zealand is a country which promotes tourism, it welcomes genuine and bonafide applicants.


If you want to apply for a visitor visa to visit New Zealand, you must meet following requirements:

(a) You must have a lawful purpose to visit New Zealand;

(b) You must have sufficient funds for your expenses during your stay in New Zealand;

(c) You must have socio-legal incentive to return back to your home country within the period of your visa;

(d)You must have occupational incentive to return back to your country of residence;

Visitor visa can be granted for general visitor or spouse of a permanent resident or temporary visa holder.

If you are the spouse of a temporary visa holder, the temporary visa holder must support the application by submitting sponsorship form INZ1046 or INZ 1025.

There are few other special categories of visitor visa for special cases, like visitors for business purpose, partners or dependents of permanent residents or holders of temporary work visas or applicants who wants to visit New Zealand for medical treatment or continue to stay longer for medical treatment in New Zealand.


An applicant who has applied for Visitor visa, can sometimes be granted Limited Purpose Visa on the grounds that Immigration New Zealand is not satisfied that he will return back to his/her country within the period of his visa.

If an applicant has been granted Limited Purpose visa, this visa is neither transferrable to any other category of visa nor it is extendable for more time than approved.

Sometimes, Immigration New Zealand imposes a condition of depositing a bond to the applicant which will be returned to the applicant after he/she returns back to the home country within the period of visa.

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The above information is general in nature and should not be treated as a legal advice given to any particular applicant for visitor visa.